Fore Course
Hole 1 – par 5 – 493m

Wide fairway for your opening tee shot, avoiding the water to the right sets the longer hitters up with a highly risky second shot to attack the green. The infamous Winge stream curls in front and around the green ready to punish the slightest miss hit. Playing safe still leaves a nervous approach to this well-defended green. The green slopes gently from right to left leaving a tricky putt. A par is a most welcome score.

Hole 1 : The Heron

The blue heron Is a large bird that often can be seen along the waterfront of Winge.

Adult blue herons have a white head with black eyebowstrip, which forms a crest on the backside of his head.

Its food consists mainly of fish and frogs, sometimes a baby duck.

Hole 2 – par 4 – 309m

This relatively short par 4, with a steeply sloping fairway from left to right demands a precise Tee shot to the left side avoiding the fairway bunker. Longer hitters will be using only a longer iron or fairway wood to ensure keeping the ball on the fairway. A relatively short approach to this split level green will be needed avoiding the steep slope to the right side of the green. For the accurate player a good chance of a birdie.

Hole 2 : The kingfisher

Very rare and beautiful bird, especially the bright blue metallic like back.

Fish-eater who observes his prey from a branch above the water and then vertically in the water dives.

Nests in a cave in the steep bank of the stream (eg stream on hole 1, 17 and 18).

Scorecard - Fore Course